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Welcome to the Lambanier Blog. We started out by uploading material written about 23 years ago for what was then an e-zine, Fireworld E-zine for Unique Christian reading. The articles were written in the days before it was claimed that our attention span had shrunk and that if we want to keep and impress readers, the content must be given in quick-read scan sizes. Sorry, but some of articles are about a15 to 20-minute read - called 'long reads' today. These are listed under "Old E-Zine Posts'.

New work is posted under "New Blog Posts'.

New Blog Posts

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The Bible, the Word and the Voice of God

As literature, the Bible is a beautiful book both in content and in form. As a religious text, the Bible is a top-of-the-range, Swiss-Army-knife tool for survival and sound living. As the Word of God, the Bible is a lens that magnifies God’s expectations. Is anything more required to achieve our goals in restful and confident strength?


Patterns, Principles and Perspectives


After a long history of this, one cannot but think that lives of the last ten generations are as fraught with friction as were the lives of the first ten generations after Noah, showing from then to now that people mostly remain no good and life is mostly not good. Is this the biblical perspective?


Old E-Zine Posts

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Holy Spirit, Who are You?

Today, the Holy Spirit is the most prominent Person of the Godhead; should we not get to know Him better?


The Glory Of God

How often have we prayed to God to show us His glory? Do we know what we are praying for and what to expect?



Have you recently looked at the mess the world is in today and wondered why God does not intervene directly, for example, as He did in Old Testament times?


Table of Miracles Part1

A long table of miracles


Table of Miracles Part 2

A long table of miracles


No Other Prayer

Have you noticed that the movement of people throughout your house depends on their relationship with you?


Time To Listen Now

This is the Bible, Word of God, Book of the Lord, Book of the Law, Holy Scriptures, Law of the Lord, Oracles, Scriptures of Truth, The Word


Restoring True Worship

Genesis through to Revelation contains the blueprint for true worship. With the precision of a mathematician, God describes the sort of relationship He requires with us.


Open Door

If we could fully comprehend and act on faith, it could become the key that unlocks the door to a life with God. This article is not a theological discussion but a simple analysis of what faith is.


Poem: Heart Prayer

Seeking hope


Poem: No Adversary



Poem: Beautiful to Behold

To women pastors and pastor's wives


Poem: Daughter

Forget Man’s Pressures


Poem: Landscapes

Change will remain


Poem: I Have Seen

We’re never forsaken


Poem: Harvester

The harvest is waiting


Poem: The Secret Place

Help in a quiet place


Poem: None Like You

For worship leaders