Behold the Lamb Christian Writers' Service


Our heart here at Lambanier is to ensure that we point the nations to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, as John the Baptist did (John 1:29). Much of the book "You Can Know God" explains that once people come to him, they can really get to know him.

One book is however insufficient to reach the world. Therefore, we are starting with the Behold the Lamb Christian Writing Service (CWS) from where South African Christian authors, writing on Christian topics, can find South African Christian book- and copy editors, page designers, proofreaders (hereafter referred to as book-service providers) and perhaps later also printers . It is ludicrous to pay enormous amounts for overseas service providers when we can source cheaper and better local services.

Behold the Lamb CWS aims to find them – with your help. If you have used, and are happy to recommend South African Christian, book-service providers, then send us your recommendation. Provide us with your contact information and that of the service provider. State what work they did for you and why you recommend them. Remember to provide their full contact information as well please. Of course, it would simply be good manners if you tell them of your recommendation.

Please note that this is a Christian service for Christians (South Africa only). Non-Christian, non-believing language or book-service providers may not understand the manuscript in context with the Bible and its principles.

The Kingdom of God generates income also from its own people. For instance, the income generated from sales of the book "You Can Know God" will not only put food on the author’s table, it will also give the tithe to the church, give to the poor, pay to print more copies and support a ministry. It will also pay a Christian administrator to help with book sales and distribution. They in turn tithe, help the poor or support a ministry. A portion of the income from "You Can Know God", depending on sufficient sales, will also sponsor South African Christian authors with editing by a Christian editor and/or printing by a Christian printer through Behold the Lamb CWS. These will also tithe, help the poor or support a ministry. Can we see how income generated by one believer can spread throughout the Kingdom? By promoting the services of Christian book serve providers, you can share your God-given wealth in the Kingdom.

The emphasis here is on ‘starting’. We will have to see how things work out and develop. The harvest is waiting so we must get to it now. Behold the Lamb CWS will start with a static classified advertisement-type of page on which authors can advertise their book (and add a link to it) using a 40 x 40px icon and a 10-word sentence.

It will also have space for recommended Christian book service providers. These are only services recommended by Christian authors. Note that Lambanier and Behold the Lamb CWS are not responsible for or guarantees the quality of these services. Behold the Lamb CWS is as a corner café or coffee shop where people meet. Both the author and the service provider are responsible for their own Biblical working relationship.

This is a free service to South African authors writing on Christian topics and their book-service providers.